I never thought that I could survive being deported and being away from my oldest daughter.  It turns out you are stronger than you may think.  The pain that my deportation caused me is unbearable because not only did I lose the country that I lived in for more than half of my life, but the thought of being away from my daughter, husband, and dog fills my broken heart with tremendous sadness and despair.

Why despair?  Because the U.S. banned my entrance for life.  Meaning that I will never be able to go back to the U.S.  I will never be able to attend my daughter’s high school graduation, college graduation, or wedding.  I have to come to terms with the idea that I have to start building my life here in Mexico.

It’s very hard! Because of the people that I loved the most are there.  In the U.S., with hard work and perseverance, I was able to accomplish the American Dream, my house and a family.  Now, that has all been taken away. I’m trying to find the strength to start over, the strength to have hope after deportation. While finding healing and strength, I have decided to go to law school here in Mexico. A dream that I could never accomplish in the US. If you would like to support me.

If you would like to support me. Please donate to my patreon account. See you next week!




4 thoughts on “Finding Hope

  1. I feel so badly for you and your family. I don’t understand how we as a caring country could allow this to happen. I can tell you will survive this and I hope not in the too distant future you’ll be allowed back in. Best of luck to you

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  2. Dear Ms. Juarez:

    I’m so sorry this happened. I hope with all my heart that you are reunited with your family in spite of the permanent banishment; that it’s revoked by a better president than the U.S. now has.

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