Be Strong Others Are Watching You!

Ever since my story went public,   especially after August 3rd, the day of my deportation, I have had many people contacting me.  Some of them to share their immigration story, others to insult me and to tell me to stop using my husband’s military service for my benefit. The amount of people contacting me…

Ever since my story went public,   especially after August 3rd, the day of my deportation, I have had many people contacting me.  Some of them to share their immigration story, others to insult me and to tell me to stop using my husband’s military service for my benefit. The amount of people contacting me was overwhelming that I had to temporary block my Facebook account.  A few days later I started reading and responding the emails of the ones that were asking me what to do.  I am not a lawyer by any means, but I could certainly offer to them a word of hope.  I know firsthand the feeling of despair and humiliation. So as I was reading their stories I could not help but to cry and cry. These deportees like me, are fathers and mothers they have left behind their kids, their husbands. A lot of the people who wrote to me and still  Are about to be deported despite having an American husband and US- born children and no criminal record just like me.  We are not criminals! We are ordinary human beings just looking for a better life and the pursuit of happiness.  After reading their messages, I can’t help but to ask God why so much pain in the world? Why so much evil? I know now what a deportation does to a human being to our families, to our kids! It can steal your dignity and happiness, at least temporary if you let it!  and worse yet it can steal your hope and faith. I refuse to let this situation take away my hope.  I have to go on. For my girls for me for those who have and still reach out to me daily to share their story to share their pain.  What will I tell them if they ask me what to do if I allow those feelings of sorrow take control of my life? I tell them do not give up this is hard-no doubt about it. But please know God still in control and this administration will not be there forever and one day hopefully soon a good man or perhaps a good woman with a kind heart will change the broken immigration laws and they and I and many others like me, will be together again with our families.  We Just have to hang in there!!

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope to see you next time! If you like it please visit my petition and account below as I shared with you on my first blog. I am determined to go to law school here in Mexico a dream that I could never accomplish in the US due to my legal status.



Author: Alejandra Juarez

Wife of combat veteran deported to Mexico on August 3, 2018, with no criminal record after 22 years in the U.S., marriage, and children. Starting over. This is my story of hope after deportation. I hope by hearing my story as I'm healing and starting over, if you are going through something similar, you can know that just because you're being deported, your life is not over.

7 thoughts on “Be Strong Others Are Watching You!”

  1. Yes, hang in there! I am so glad that you have formulated a new goal for yourself, something to look forward to and to work towards. Know that many, many millions of us norteamericanos love you and will continue to fight for your right to live with your family and to be part of our nation if you someday are able to come back. Adelante, companera!


    1. Hello Keith! Thank you so much for your kind words it meant a lot to me. The US right now is so divided. Peolple here in Mexico think all white Americans support the current president laws and I always tell them that there is soo many good white Americans that love us and that disagree with his policies. You are an example of one of those. Thanks!


  2. Dear Alejandra:
    Please know that millions of people in the United States stand with you. On June 30th hundreds of people in New Orleans marched and rallied with our undocumented brothers and sisters to show our support. People in our community remember that after Hurricane Katrina thousands of people crossed the border to help rebuild our city and settled here and became part of our community. I pray that the day comes when the government again returns to sanity and families like yours will be together again.
    I know from your experience good will come and I pray for your strength.
    God Bless you.


    1. HI Vera. I know that. The US is very divided right now but I know that many Americans support immigrants like me. That gives me hope Vera. My hope is that this November many good, godly people will vote for pro-immigration representatives. So that me, and others like me can go home . To our home in the US. Gracias!


  3. Alejandra –
    Your story appeared in Stars and Stripes and you are probably going to get an avalanche. Hopefully new US leadership will be elected this November and will start to return the US and Mexico to a reasonable relationship. Today is it based on fear of people like yourself, people who broke the law but are being punished unreasonably. Certainly we should deport violent criminals, etc but people who are contributing to our country should be treated far better than by deportation. Have hope, things change. They don’t get worse and stay worse. Tell Temo to stay optimistic and thank him for his service to both the US and Mexico – by serving in the Middle East he helped both the US and Mexico stay more peaceful.

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  4. Dear Alejandra, one of my students suggested i read your blog. I am very happy he did. I am appalled by how you have been treated by our government but heartened by your resolve and optimism. For my part i can only reaffirm a resolve to continue to work in favor of building a more just, equal and welcoming society. As for the bigots and xenophobes, No Pasaran!

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