As you all know Christmas is coming soon and I do not know how I will survive it I was walking with my youngest daughter who lives with me last week at a local plaza and she saw Christmas ornaments. She said, “Mom this will be our first Christmas here in Mexico.” Yes, she is right, this will be her first Christmas in Mexico and my 18th Christmas in Mexico out of my 39 years of life. To be honest, I do not remember how Christmas is here.

That night she wrote this prayer and it goes like this:

I am Estela Juarez. I am 9 years old but people think I’m 6 because I am to short like my mom and do not like to eat much, that is why I think I look like I am 6 years old instead of 9.  Ever since my mom got deported I have a big hole in my heart. I have been praying day and night. I prayed for Congressman Darren Soto to be re-elected and he was! I also have been praying; for President Trump. I pray that god all powerful changes his heart and that he allows my mom to come back. I also pray for President Trump to stops deporting good people like my mom. I want to spend Christmas at my house in Florida with my whole family, including my dog Spot. If my whole family is reunited again, only then the big hole in my heart will be filled with joy and happiness.”

This was her prayer and I made it my prayer too!

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