Yes, I know you may have been wondering Why I have not written anything in a while. Some even have wondered f I have stopped writing my blog. To be honest with you, I was considering not writing anymore. Why? Because I have been feeling down,- more than usual – and I think it has to do with the holidays. First Thanksgiving and now Christmas. I didn’t know what to write about other than sad things such as how much this year’s Thanksgiving sucks because I was not there with my family. Since I did not want my blog to be only about negative stuff, I am glad I did not write my blog. The purpose of my blog is to share how  deportation affects families, particularly mine. But most important is to bring some type of hope to other deportees or people that are about to be deported.

So, as I was getting ready to close my blogging account, I decided to pray over it instead. I said to myself  “God I am so busy re-building my life  here and I really have not time to commit to my writing so let me know what to do!” Next day my answer came.

I woke up and read my emails and someone had contacted me telling me that my story has giving her hope.  She, is about to be deported this month and that she wants my advice of where to live and what schools I recommend for her kids. So I answered her email and I am currently helping her look for an apartment near where I live. I have always found pleasure and comfort helping others. That is what humans should do. Love and help each other. So I have decided that I will continue to write and share my story of  struggles and hope after deportation!

 Thank you for reading my blog and don’t forget to visit my Patreon account below!!


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