Today is Mother’s Day in Mexico. My first Mother’s Day as a mom in Mexico. (When I left the Mexico, 23 years ago, I wasn’t a mom yet.) In Mexico they celebrate Mother’s Day very big with a lot festivities, especially in schools.

Little kids practice dances to dance for their mom in their schools on this day. So, my little one warned me to bring enough tissue because she knew I was going to be very emotional.

I saw my daughter at her school. I saw her dancing and then singing. and while she was singing a very popular mother’s song. She was looking for my face or hand to acknowledge that I was watching her.  I waved at her and blew her a kiss.


After she was done with her festivities, we went out to eat at a nearby restaurant where other families from her school happen to be eating as well. Seeing the other families made me so sad. I wish I was eating with my family to. So, I broke down and asked her if she thinks I will ever be back to the US? She responded in clear Spanish claro, “Fe y Esperanza, mami.”  ( Faith and hope.) Her answer made me cry more and then laugh because I realized that now she speaks a lot Spanish with a Yucatecan accent. I realized, that she even started to speak English with a Yucatecan accent too. why I have not noticed it? My almost 10- year- old pretty girl is now almost fully bilingual like me!! I always wanted my kids to learned Spanish but not this way, by living out of the Country! I tried to gain my composure as other people were watching me and I become embarrassed.

We finally went back and finished eating our food and I felt so blessed to have my daughter with me. She is so sweet and brings me comfort with her wise words.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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