A Little Girl’s Prayer!

As you all know Christmas is coming soon and I do not know how I will survive it I was walking with my youngest daughter who lives with me last week at a local plaza and she saw Christmas ornaments. She said, “Mom this will be our first Christmas here in Mexico.” Yes, she is right, this will be her first Christmas in Mexico and my 18th Christmas in Mexico out of my 39 years of life. To be honest, I do not remember how Christmas is here.

That night she wrote this prayer and it goes like this:

I am Estela Juarez. I am 9 years old but people think I’m 6 because I am to short like my mom and do not like to eat much, that is why I think I look like I am 6 years old instead of 9.  Ever since my mom got deported I have a big hole in my heart. I have been praying day and night. I prayed for Congressman Darren Soto to be re-elected and he was! I also have been praying; for President Trump. I pray that god all powerful changes his heart and that he allows my mom to come back. I also pray for President Trump to stops deporting good people like my mom. I want to spend Christmas at my house in Florida with my whole family, including my dog Spot. If my whole family is reunited again, only then the big hole in my heart will be filled with joy and happiness.”

This was her prayer and I made it my prayer too!

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Finding the Strength to Rebuild My Life!


For those who have been following my blog. You may have noticed that I have not written lately. I apologize for not doing so. The truth is that I have been very busy rebuilding my life here in Mexico.  The Mexico that I left when I was a teenager is so different from the Mexico I see now. But something has not changed, the kindness of my people. Mexican people have a good heart. They know how to be happy with little money. My daughter noticed that too. She tells me all the time, “Mom kids seem to be happier here!” Even though I am still very sad that I am not with my husband, oldest daughter and my dog, I do not miss my big house and my nice car! I do not have a car here and public transportation almost doesn’t exist, so very often I have to walk long miles to take my child to school and pick her up. Thanks to that I have lost weight, something that I tried for a long time and was not able to due to my thyroid problem. This situation has made me understand that I was very attached to material things. Over the years I spent a lot of money furnishing my big house- not to mention the amount of money I spent shopping in my favorite clothing store Macy’s. Do not get me wrong I miss Macy’s a lot, there is not Macy’s here and the clothes are not as nice as the one in the US. I do not longer care about that!

   I started to look for a job to support my youngest daughter and me. This is the part that I remember about Mexico. The reason why many immigrants immigrate to the US and one of the reasons I left Mexico nearly 23 years ago. Salaries over here are terrible.  I knew that sure, but I thought that it might be different this time because now I am bilingual. I thought it will be easy to find a decent job. Unfortunately. it’s not the case. Even if I am able to find a decent job, the money will not be enough to pay for my rent. My rent is nearly $600 hundred dollars a month. Being bilingual here in Mexico is not enough, so it seems that my dream to go to college may not be happening soon if I can’t find a job that pays well. 

   In the meantime. I keep praying and hoping for a miracle, especially now that elections are coming. So if you are reading my blog and empathize with my situation. Please, I humbly want to ask you to vote for your Congressmen or Senators that are pro-immigration. Please keep in mind there are currently two bills that if passed, I and others like me will be able to go back to the US. One of those bills is HR 1036 American United Families introduced by Beto O’Rourke. So, if you live in Texas make sure you vote for him. 

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Saying Good Bye to My Family For the Second Time!

I just came from dropping off my husband and daughter at the airport. This situation is so hard. The pain that I feel right now is so intense that if someone would burn me alive, I would not feel it because I am already in horrible pain. I know my husband will be okay, he is a tough man. He is an ex-marine. But my daughter is not, she is very fragile because I have always overprotected her. She is my first one. And during my husband’s deployment to Iraq, it was her and me only- so we grew very attached to each other. I am trying to be strong so that she will not suffer more but it is so hard to pretend. She can’t understand why the US government was so cruel to deport her mother and break her family apart. I try to explain to her that actions have consequences so that she can learn from my situation. But she constantly asks why other people who entered illegally were able to fix their status and I couldn’t. Continue reading “Saying Good Bye to My Family For the Second Time!”

Be Strong Others Are Watching You!

Ever since my story went public,   especially after August 3rd, the day of my deportation, I have had many people contacting me.  Some of them to share their immigration story, others to insult me and to tell me to stop using my husband’s military service for my benefit. The amount of people contacting me…

Ever since my story went public,   especially after August 3rd, the day of my deportation, I have had many people contacting me.  Some of them to share their immigration story, others to insult me and to tell me to stop using my husband’s military service for my benefit. The amount of people contacting me was overwhelming that I had to temporary block my Facebook account.  A few days later I started reading and responding the emails of the ones that were asking me what to do.  I am not a lawyer by any means, but I could certainly offer to them a word of hope.  I know firsthand the feeling of despair and humiliation. So as I was reading their stories I could not help but to cry and cry. These deportees like me, are fathers and mothers they have left behind their kids, their husbands. A lot of the people who wrote to me and still do.re  Are about to be deported despite having an American husband and US- born children and no criminal record just like me.  We are not criminals! We are ordinary human beings just looking for a better life and the pursuit of happiness.  After reading their messages, I can’t help but to ask God why so much pain in the world? Why so much evil? I know now what a deportation does to a human being to our families, to our kids! It can steal your dignity and happiness, at least temporary if you let it!  and worse yet it can steal your hope and faith. I refuse to let this situation take away my hope.  I have to go on. For my girls for me for those who have and still reach out to me daily to share their story to share their pain.  What will I tell them if they ask me what to do if I allow those feelings of sorrow take control of my life? I tell them do not give up this is hard-no doubt about it. But please know God still in control and this administration will not be there forever and one day hopefully soon a good man or perhaps a good woman with a kind heart will change the broken immigration laws and they and I and many others like me, will be together again with our families.  We Just have to hang in there!! Continue reading “Be Strong Others Are Watching You!”

Kids of Deportees are growing up Broken!


By now it has been 6 weeks since I arrived in Mexico.  Although I feel blessed to live in a part of Mexico where people are so nice and kind and there is no crime as some other parts of Mexico. My deportation still hurts a lot because I see and feel the pain that my deportation has caused my family, especially my kids. We have not completely digested what happened to me. I guess I am still in shock. One of the reasons is because before this administration took over, my deportation officer kept assuring me that I had nothing to worry about since I had no criminal record, therefore I was not a priority. That as long I kept reporting to them once a year and complying with everything they said I would be okay. So, I did exactly that, including asking a Congressman to write a private bill exclusively for me. So, the questions are, when did I become a priority?  The answer is when this administration took over. Prior administrations deported people all the time I know. But the majority were people with prior criminal records. This administration has and is continuing to deport people like me.

Last night my daughter asked me. “Mom why they are punishing Americans for a crime that we did not commit?” I said to her what do you mean? She said. I am an American, my dad is an American. Some of the kids that go to my school after their dad got deported are American. The people that write you to tell you their story have kids and they are American right? I said yes. The US is punishing us by deporting our fathers and mothers and tearing our families apart. We are growing up broken, we all break. And we will be broken till we get together again!! Yes, she is right. I am broken, she is growing up broken. My sixteen-year-old in Florida is growing up broken I know, I can feel it. She is missing me a lot.  All those kids that their fathers or mothers got deported are growing up broken. Why? because they know their parents are good people. My nine year old made me realized something that I did not want to see.  All of us are broken and will be continue to be broken until we get reunited with our families again!!

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Finding Hope

I never thought that I could survive being deported and being away from my oldest daughter.  It turns out you are stronger than you may think.  The pain that my deportation caused me is unbearable because not only did I lose the country that I lived in for more than half of my life, but the thought of being away from my daughter, husband, and dog fills my broken heart with tremendous sadness and despair.

Why despair?  Because the U.S. banned my entrance for life.  Meaning that I will never be able to go back to the U.S.  I will never be able to attend my daughter’s high school graduation, college graduation, or wedding.  I have to come to terms with the idea that I have to start building my life here in Mexico.

It’s very hard! Because of the people that I loved the most are there.  In the U.S., with hard work and perseverance, I was able to accomplish the American Dream, my house and a family.  Now, that has all been taken away. I’m trying to find the strength to start over, the strength to have hope after deportation. While finding healing and strength, I have decided to go to law school here in Mexico. A dream that I could never accomplish in the US. If you would like to support me.

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